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Immersion Courses

Full Immersion in Scotland: Two offers, depending on your age...

For the 12 to 18 year olds
For young (and not so young) adults
We collaborate with a team established since 1983 in one of the most prestigious private schools in Scotland (Merchiston Castle, in Edinburgh).

Each morning, 3 hours of formal teaching.
Lunch is provided on the school site.
Each afternoon is filled with activities in English (sports, arts and crafts, journalism, vido, sightseeing , ...), prolonged by three evening activities per week.

Accommodated in host families, the children are never left to themselves.

The price of 1 160 € for 2 weeks, 1 599 € for 3 weeks and 2 080 € for 4 weeks covers the entire cost (accommodation, teaching,meals, activities, ...) except the journey to Edinburgh.

Ask us for our specific brochure.

View a typical weekly Timetable
For adults (from 17 years old onwards), the formula, in a school different to that of the 12/18 year olds, only covers the tuition fees, and optionnally accommodation. When they are not in tuition, the students are free to do as they please.

You have the choice between two options:
  • General English Course, designed to develop students' language skills for effective communication in everyday English. The structured curriculum integrates grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in 3H45 of daily tuition (25 group lessons per week, minutes par lesson).
    The cost is 295 per week.
  • Combination Course, usually chosen by people learning English for professional purposes. General English group work (identical to the General English Course) is followed by 1 hour and a half of individual tuition in areas of English specific to your own business or academic study. This combined approach allows you to aim for fluency in the international setting of the classroom while you and your tutor examine particular problems or areas of interest such as English for business, tourism, banking or marketing.
    The cost is 675 per week.
Class size does not exceed 8 students per class.
The prices quoted above do not include accomodation.

4 types of accomodation are proposed:
  • Homestay (125 per week)
  • Executive Homestay (220 per week)
  • Student Residence (summer only) (250 per week)
  • Appartment (summer only) (200 per week)
Accommodation is single room with half board weekdays and full board at weekends except apartment which is half board all week.

Ask us for our specific brochure.

Full immersion in Spain: The offers vary depending on your choice of destination

We work closely with schools in Andalousia ( Grenada, Sevilla, Malaga, Marbella, ...) and Madrid. Programs and fees vary between schools (i.e. Towns). Contact us for a proposal specifically targetted at your needs.