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Alpine Rainbow
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A few words about Alpine Rainbow

Our background...

Young at heart and energetic,
Alpine Rainbow hopes to share its enthusiasm for languages, cultural differencies and management with you:
its existing or future customers.

Alpine Rainbow was founded in January 2005 by Carol Adair and Dominique Grabas. Its aim is to provide high quality courses in languages and in other domains to companies and individuals.

Carol is our training manager. She is Scottish and her professional background includes many years in economic development, and more than 18 years in training, including 10 years teaching English as a foreign language.

Dominique, an ex-company director in industry, studied in one of the most prestigious French engineering schools (Ecole Centrale Paris) and obtained his Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Illinois in the USA.
He is bilingual and a specialist in Business Plan and Project Management.
Dominique is also our General Manager as well as our administrative and sales director.

Together, and with all our staff, we bring to you standardised or customised solutions to best suit your training needs.

For further details on our training programs and services consult Product and Services